Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Supe Squad

Um, yeah. This one's just me being goofy. I apologize. It's another illo for Erik's coloring book. I created these characters too. They're sort of the F-Troop of the superhero pantheon.

Teek Punch

This is Teek, the resident big bruiser of The Medicine Men. At a local poolside watering hole, Teek was rudely interrupted from his savory piƱa colada by a certain colorful tropical drink mascot. That was when Teek decided to turn around and give him a punch of his own...

The Medicine Men

This is a faux comic cover I did for my good friend Erik Van Buren and (deep breath) The Baton Rouge Cartoonist Society's Red Stick Animation Festival 2010 Coloring Book. They are characters of my own devising. It's just in sketch form because Erik was gracious enough to agree to ink it. I do, however, plan on making my own refined, and possibly color, version of it soon. The finished results will be posted at



Welcome to (stricksketch).

This site will act as an incubator for whatever rough ideas I currently have in the works. From stream of consciousness doodlings to illustration projects amidst the struggles of being refined, I'll post the findings here. Enjoy.